About Medical Sharing Plan

We are a privet site dedicated to helping those who need help. Healthcare is a responsibility for all and managing the process is hard but together we can find a non-governmental solution to help those who need help!

We are dedicated to changing the world. The founders are working to do just that, and are doing all they can to meet that calling. A portion of the proceeds of this site go to the global work being done by the founding members in the following areas: 

  • Family Friendly Search Engine
  • Pay Portals supporting the mission
  • Family Safe Movies
  • Safe Shoiping
  • Group Access
  • SAFE IP for Schools

Easy to reach us

Option 1: Complete the quote form

Complete the MEDICAL SHARING QUOTE FORM on the home page to see what plan costs might be for you and your family. Need business or group sharing plan info?

Option 2: We call you

Just shoot us a quick text or email and we will call you with your permission.

Option 3: Old School 

You can pick up the phone and call us 972 800 667ZERO